Super Bowl Snacks

Gear up for the Super Bowl with these high-scoring recipes sure to set the crowds on fire. By Shyla Stokes MINI TACO CUPS Makes 24 These are easy, convenient and always a favorite. Ingredients 1…


Breakfast Eggsecution

Tegan Burkhard Nearly a year after plans for a hot new breakfast joint piqued the interest of pancake-loving Oklahomans, hungry locals swarmed the historic Buick Building in the hopes of diving into a delicious dish…


Even the Young Have Broken Hearts

By Heide Brandes | Photography provided by the American Heart Association At age 15, Lilly Guyer of Edmond knew something was wrong. An avid dancer and typical teenager, Lilly couldn’t catch her breath. She was…


Interior Gilt

shines with style By Heide Brandes | Photos by Emily Brashier Jimmy Rupp of Oklahoma City worked in higher education, but he always knew his life would somehow bring him to the real estate or…


The Compound Solution

By Sean Becker | Photography by Emily Brashier The winter months in the northern hemisphere come with a lot of baggage. Some of it is standard fare—holidays and fun with friends and family. Some is…


Follow Your Feet

By Jake Bollig In the art of improvisational comedy, a term is used: follow your feet. This is another way of saying follow your intuition. While standing on a comedy stage, sometimes you will be…