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Nearly a year after plans for a hot new breakfast joint piqued the interest of pancake-loving Oklahomans, hungry locals swarmed the historic Buick Building in the hopes of diving into a delicious dish at Hatch OKC.

Since August 2015, Provision Concepts slowly teased hints of what was to come for their latest Automobile Alley restaurant. As early day construction photos for Hatch OKC gave way to mouthwatering photos of future menu items, Oklahoma City could barely contain its excitement for the latest brunch spot to open in the metro.

“Once we got the food pictures posted up, everything just blew up on social media,” says Beth Simpson, Hatch OKC general manager.


As of Oct. 3, Oklahomans could finally stand in line on Broadway Avenue, awaiting their turn to try the iced banana pancakes, Oklahoma-shaped pancakes, and savory eggs Benedicts they had eagerly anticipated after seeing glimpses posted on the Hatch OKC Facebook page.

“The reaction that we’ve had since we opened — people have just loved us,” Simpson says. “We continue to get busier and busier every single week.”


Back when Provision Concepts first started brewing the idea for Hatch OKC, four key figures used travel experiences to shape the entrees and a la carte items that would eventually round out the menu.

CFO Jeff Dixon and head chef John Patterson toured the U.S. in search of great culinary finds they could transport home to Oklahoma. CEO Aaron Soward and Simpson also joined in menu discussions, curating pages full of wish list foods before finally narrowing the selection down to what customers can choose from today.

For a taste of New Orleans, bite into a pillowy beignet, covered in powdered sugar, and dip pieces into orange glaze, peanut butter bacon and Nutella cream sauces. Indulge your senses in a bit of Colorado flavor by munching on a Denver (303) omelet, stuffed with grilled duroc ham, sauteed peppers, onions and smoked cheddar cheese.


The menu also contains plenty of nods to New Mexican fare, from the coyote omelet drenched in Christmas sauce and cotija cheese to the Burro St. Nick, featuring beer braised pork, tumblers, peppers and onions wrapped in a Christmas-sauced soaked tortilla.

“I love this state. I think it’s great, and I really don’t see myself living anywhere else. But we also love different cultures and different environments,” Simpson says. “We want to give that to the Oklahomans without having to leave the state.”

Aside from nationally-inspired dishes, Hatch OKC has also concocted many inventive entrees unique to Oklahoma City. In fact, the famous PanOKCake is shaped like the state, with the help of custom crafted cookie cutters created by local artisan Aaron Keas. The house cheeseburger combines ground chuck steak with smoked cheddar, a fried egg and classic veggies, all sandwiched between a pretzel bun.


Another strength of the Hatch OKC menu comes from its diverse options, pleasing to every palate and lifestyle. The health-conscious guest can chow down guilt-free with an order of overnight oats topped with bruleed grapefruit or a bagel served with smoked salmon and a hard boiled egg. Children can keep it simple with grilled cheese, waffle wedges or pancakes, while the kids at heart can take their pick from among the wide pancake selection.

No matter the time of day, visitors can sample from the entire menu, whether choosing a warm cup of tomato soup served with a Havarti, smoked cheddar and parmesan grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast or sticking with a breakfast Cuban for lunch.


“We really wanted to just be there for the guest that wants that bowl of tomato soup at 7 in the morning, because there’s not many other places that you can get that, and it’s not a problem for us to serve it,” Simpson says. “We already have our entire kitchen set up, so we wanted to be very accommodating to those that are up early in the morning but don’t want breakfast food.”

Simpson says Hatch OKC also focuses on keeping price points affordable to best serve their vast array of customers, from nurses, doctors and businessmen during the weekday lunch rush to families gathering over a weekend brunch.

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To sample all that Hatch OKC offers, guests can place their name on the list with the NoWait app so they can explore the Midtown area while awaiting their table. Once guests hear their name called from the hostess station, parties can walk past the bright yellow walls and LED lights to the vibrant green booths and turquoise chairs, where the official menu awaits them.

Those who prefer to dine solo can head straight to the community table near the bar. Here, diners can mingle over a cup of coffee or eggs over-easy. Even in the midst of chilly temperatures and potential snowfall, patrons can opt to enjoy their scrumptious plates outdoors on the heated patio.

Groups even have the chance to book the 30-person capacity private room in the back for birthday parties or business meetings. No matter where customers sit, Simpson and the Hatch OKC staff take the opportunity to extend plenty of hospitality and warm smiles.

“When I get to talk to all of our guests, and especially the guests that have been here for the first time, when I’m running out food and seeing them react to whatever I place in front of them, that’s really rewarding,” Simpson says.

Whether patrons walk in on a Sunday at 6 a.m. or a Wednesday afternoon, the Hatch OKC staff delivers the same friendly smiles and positive attitudes. The good vibes remain constant even in the face of constant foot traffic inside the popular breakfast restaurant.

“In the heat of the moment in our busiest part, it is a little bit stressful, but everyone’s just having so much fun,” Simpson says. “Our tables have mimosas and bloody marys and everyone’s just having a great time, so even if it is really busy, everyone’s happy.”

Hatch OKC, 1101 N. Broadway Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73103, 405-609-8936



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