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By Sean Becker | Photography by Emily Brashier

Interior design offers an ever-changing array of products and styles. For some facets of the interiorscape, the cast of characters just seems to rotate. Colors come and go, but colors are also static. Red is always going to be red. Blue is always going to be blue. Neutral is always going to be neutral.

Fabrics and furniture fall in and out of favor as well. Colonial style furniture was all the rage a few decades ago. Now you wouldn’t be caught with it in your house if you live outside of Williamsburg. Some classic looks have more staying power, usually the more simple, purely functional styles—Shaker, mission, even some mid-century modern. But even those will occasionally give way to the next trendy look. And Colonial is due for a comeback.

The point we’re getting at is, that in the world of design, there are few “disruptors.” Rare is the occasion when a revolutionary new look muscles its way into the room. Bauhaus-inspired design is an example of a style revolution. The 1970s gave us a color revolution. A rather garish one smeared with avocado green and harvest gold. Ohhhhh, it was bad. And, fortunately, short-lived.

As for a material revolution within the current generation, we need look no further than the countertop. At one time—and for a very long time—countertops throughout the house were dominated by laminates. Thanks to advances in technology, natural and manufactured stone products are now affordable and in wide use. Our long national Formica nightmare is over.

Leading the charge in the counter revolution was—and is—WarHall Designs. The company has been in business since 1998 and has grown to become Oklahoma City’s premier countertop fabrication company. There are few places like it anywhere, let alone in Oklahoma.

“We have our own stone production facility that fabricates countertops for extremely large commercial projects and for the retail market,” says co-owner Tony Brooks. “We utilize state of the art digital production equipment and experienced craftsmen in our production facility,” he continues. So WarHall makes their own product and cuts it to spec. “We feel like there are very few companies like us that have both the design expertise and fabrication abilities in-house,” Brooks says. And he’s right.

After securing a leading position in countertop production, the company launched hōm kitchen + bath, a one-stop shop for all your remodeling needs. Now five years on, hōm kitchen + bath offers consumers premium quality cabinetry, flooring, fixtures and tile. And of course countertops.

The company’s contemporary showroom showcases a wide selection of countertop materials and styles along with a vast array of stone, ceramic, porcelain and glass tile. Plumbing fixtures and a variety of hardwood flooring options will help you realize the kitchen, bathroom or laundry room of your dreams.

The company’s project manager is an engineer, and state of Oklahoma registered interior designers fill out the staff ranks. The team of experts takes great pride in its craftsmanship and service, and that attention to detail is paying off. “We are experiencing tremendous growth right now,” Brooks says. “It’s primarily from referrals from our customers and additional projects with previous customers.” Making a sale is one thing. Getting repeat business is high praise, indeed. “We feel like we provide unparalleled service after the sale,” Brooks says. Their customers have clearly noticed.

The breathtaking displays of interior artistry make hōm kitchen + bath look like a franchise store. Fear not—these are your neighbors making the magic happen. “We may look like a large company, but we are a locally owned, small business,” Brooks asserts. The company owners are very involved with the business and extremely accessible to clients. You won’t find that just anywhere.

As local business owners, Brooks and co-owner Joe Penhall honor their

commitment to quality and to their customers’ needs. “Our biggest selling point for remodels is that the agreed upon price is the final price,” Brooks explains. “Customers will not have a price increase unless they change the scope of the project.” When paying for a major remodel, nobody likes unwelcome surprises.

If it is time to disrupt your interiorscape, hōm kitchen + bath has all kinds of pleasant surprises in store for you. You might consider starting with your countertops, but you don’t have to stop there. Hōm kitchen + bath has you covered from floor to ceiling and will be right with you every step of the way. That’s a disruption worth seeking.

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