Covell Park: Asian Fusion at its Finest


Covell Park, co-owned by Nam Nguyen and Truong Le—also co-owners of Guernsey Park in the Paseo District­—has brought the perfect blend of American classics and Asian flavors to an exquisite Edmond neighborhood. With everything from fresh sushi and signature dishes to wine tastings, Covell Park offers something for everyone, while also maintaining its own distinct character.  Recently, we caught up with Nguyen who answered some of our burning questions about one of Edmond’s hottest new restaurants.

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The Asian fusion aspect of Covell Park is appealing. What made you go that route versus a traditional Japanese restaurant?

Nguyen: We recognized our fellow Okies food preferences, but also knew the importance of evolving as our city’s palate continued to grow. So, it was the natural culinary route to combine the filet, ribeye, and pork chop with Asian flavors. Growing up in Oklahoma as first generation Asian Americans, it only made sense for us to marry our two cultures.


Covell Park is celebrating its one-year anniversary. How has it changed since the beginning? Do you see it changing often (menu, experience, ingredients) or will it mostly stay the same?

Nguyen: It was a bit of a challenge at first because the area was still so new. The name Covell Park didn’t exactly scream, ‘We are a restaurant!’ We had to make some modifications to not only our signage, but we had to remove the dark tint from the window. We made some minor changes and kept a lot of the dishes more traditional. We will continue to have different weekly feature items and if those dishes gain a nice following, we will consider adding it to the menu. We definitely love to keep our guests interested by creating new dishes with what’s in season. We will continue to evolve as a business and make adjustments as needed. We appreciate getting honest feedback from our patrons and take it into consideration with our decisions.

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What can people expect when they dine at Covell Park? What kind of experience have you created?

Nguyen: We created an atmosphere that is open, clean, crisp and still inviting. We want to make sure whether it is a business meeting, a birthday, or casual lunch/dinner that the overall feel is still cozy and comfortable.  Being parents ourselves, we know kids also need “date nights.” So right now we are running a promotion on Mondays where kids get to eat for free from the Kids Menu. Whatever the occasion, we want people to leave dreaming about when their next meal will be with us. Our hope is to constantly blow your mind with drool-worthy food, scratch cocktails, and top-notch service.

Personally, what’s your favorite item you’ve created?

Nguyen: The Pork Chop! Since it’s sous-vied it keeps all of its moisture while retaining the flavor. All of the components pair perfectly with each other.

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Are there any future plans for Covell Park? Any upcoming events people should know about?

Nguyen: We are starting to tap into the catering side of the business and have gained some momentum. We have the ability to cater everything from weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and your small and medium

business events. The best part is we can really tailor the catering to your taste and budget.

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Anything else you’d like people to know?

Nguyen: We want to be more involved with the community here and help out where we can. We’d love for schools, businesses, and nonprofit organizations nearby to reach out and let us know how we can possibly help.




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