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By Sean Becker | Photography by Emily Brashier


For over a decade, Emory Anne Interiors has been a reliable resource for people who want to give their house a new look. The full-service design team has racked up awards and earned the trust of countless clients. The shop is such a trusted commodity among industry insiders that even independent designers shop there. If you are looking to freshen up the family home, go where the pros go. You’ll probably like the result.

While the team members at Emory Anne Interiors go about their business making your house into the sanctuary you desire, they also practice what they preach. Designer Karen Meyers recently decorated her new family home and invited SPLURGE! to take a peek. “We had such fun designing this house,” says Meyers of her experience with Amy Gullett and her firm, Homes by Amy.

On the inside, Meyers was on familiar ground. Much of the furniture, furnishings and accent pieces came from Emory Anne Interiors. “[Our home] is done in transitional style,” Meyers explains. For the uninitiated, transitional style bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary. The color scheme relies heavily on a neutral palette to create an environment of soothing serenity. “My husband was concerned about not having a lot of colors in our home,” Meyers says. He need not have worried.

Cleverly interspersed splashes of bold color throughout the home contrast beautifully with the subdued backdrop. These color cues also augment the floor plan in places. For example, a handsome, red lacquered sideboard in the dining room serves as a visual transition point from the kitchen through to the living room.

The muted tones within the neutral palette work in concert with furnishings that feature clean lines or gently rounded framing. It’s like mid-century modern all grown up. The designs are sensible and timeless. Think more classic and less kitschy. Less funky and more functional (and comfortable!). Textured or patterned fabrics give upholstered furniture some depth, while colorful art and accessories work with modern light fixtures to provide points of interest.

The living room is a showroom-worthy example. A brightly patterned area rug delineates the space with a big splash of color. Couch cushions and artwork play on the rug’s blues, golds and reds to tie the room together. The neutral sofa’s faintly flecked pattern and textured fabric help it melt away into the surroundings. Adjacent faux wing-backed chairs with button-tacked upholstery flank a bright, contemporary print on the wall above. The room is perfectly inviting. It’s just waiting for you to come in and make yourself at home.

Deftly placed accents at other points throughout the home also play the transitional style to perfection. The interwoven components at the foot of the sweeping staircase are, well, cases in point. A 1970s-inspired print looms over a neo-Colonial hall table topped with a pair of mid-century lamps. A modern chandelier reminiscent of a dandelion gone to seed illuminates the steps. It paints a pretty picture. Bursts of blue punctuate the master bedroom, where the matching nightstands and lamps give a nod to mid-century modern.

Even the most mundane of spaces is transformed by the transitional. In the laundry room, vintage wallpaper provides a stately setting for ample cabinetry, which is presented in a bright finish. Glass door and drawer pulls complete a clean look fitting for the space.

In the mudroom, style gives way to practicality. Cream or beige in a space doomed to deflect red-clay soil residue wouldn’t do. Instead, smartly selected slate blue paint on the built-ins draws on accents from the area rug. The subdued hue is broken up by throw pillows that expound on the pattern introduced on the floor. Taken at a glance, the subtlety of the complex relationships between color, shape, design and texture is utterly brilliant.

Conceptually, the transitional style can sound chaotic or overwhelming. In the expert hands of the design team at Emory Anne Interiors, the result is enigmatic, eclectic and oh-so-inviting. Get comfortable and have a look for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.


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