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By Sean Becker | Photography by Emily Brashier

There is a lot of sunshine to be had in Oklahoma. Even the blustery winter months have an ample supply of clear skies. Now that we are several weeks into daylight saving time, our sunny days will soon be stretching deep into the evening hours.

The abundance of natural sunlight is an antidote for the winter blahs, or seasonal affective disorder in more severe situations. The sun’s cheery presence can truly be therapeutic, warding off depression and the general malaise that makes the winter months unbearable for many people. So we’ve got it pretty good here in central Oklahoma.

As we lean from spring toward the summer solstice, we’re approaching the sunniest days of the year. Some two-thirds of our days will be dappled with daylight, helping our gardens grown and greening our grass (before torching and browning it, but that’s an article for another day).

All that natural light pouring into our homes might also reveal that we have work to do. After being cooped up indoors all winter, our interior spaces could use some freshening up. To perk up our places of residence, we asked the expert design team at Interior Gilt for some suggestions about how to achieve seasonally appropriate interior design for the summer.

 Tip 1: You’re Doing it Already

There is some universal understanding of the concept of spring cleaning. Chances are you are in the midst of it right now. Take the opportunity to simplify your surroundings by de-cluttering your living areas. Think “less is more” here. You’ve been wearing chunky clothing in layers all winter. You wouldn’t dress that way in the summer—you go for lighter looks and less of it. Do the same thing for your house. It’s time to expose some skin!

To give a space a new look without having to tear down the walls and start over again, the Interior Gilt gang agrees: it’s all about accessories. Fun throws, area rugs or throw pillows can reinvent a room with ease. New artwork, table linens, even a simple summer quote scribbled on a chalkboard or other display piece can change the whole mood.


 Tip 2: Let’s Bring it In

With gardens and flowerbeds in full bloom, lush summer landscapes liven up the curb appeal of your homestead. Why let passersby hog all that scenery? You’ve worked hard to spruce up the grounds, so bring some of that pretty stuff inside so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Plants and fresh flowers add color and texture to your interior surroundings and help tie your home together from the outside in. “Don’t overlook everyday things,” suggests Interior Gilt owner and lead designer Jimmy Rupp. Creative placement of brightly colored summer staples like gardening tools, rain boots and umbrellas give indoor spaces some energy. “It tells a story about how you live your life,” Rupp explains.


 Tip 3: Old or New, It’s Up to You

Technological advances in manufacturing continue to produce new, eco-friendly materials and looks. Man-made stone countertops and wood-like tile are just a couple of examples. Folding glass doors opening from your living room or dining room to an outdoor gathering space offer a new twist on the classic French door look.

In terms of color, the Bohemian style is gaining popularity. The look is completed with radiant earth tones, including turquoise, yellow, darker pinks and blues, tan and gold. A neutral color scheme is enhanced by adding a host of appealing colors. Given its prevalence in nature, green can be considered a neutral color, so don’t overlook it as an option. Bet you didn’t think of that (see—that’s why we bring the professionals to you!).

When you decide to take the plunge into your new summer look, Interior Gilt has plenty of solutions including custom furniture and accessories, re-upholstering services, full design consultation—even home staging if you are planning a move. They also have a new location in Edmond, which opened in December. “It’s smaller and more intimate than our Oklahoma City store,” says Ali Thurman, coordinator of merchandising and branding. If you’re in the northern part of the metro, it’s also closer to home.

Let the design team at Interior Gilt help you use that glorious sunshine to show off your summer style this year. You and the sun will be beaming all season long.


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