Drop-less Cataract Surgery


By Darrell J. Pickard, M.D., Board Certified Ophthalmologist

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What is Drop-less Cataract Surgery?

Drop-less Cataract Surgery is an advanced procedure from Precision Vision which offers patients the option of having cataract surgery performed in such a way that most patients no longer need to take drops after surgery. Traditional cataract surgery requires the patient to use multiple eye drops before and after surgery, often up to four times a day for a month or more. In most cases, Drop-less Cataract Surgery can eliminate the need to apply a few hundred drops in patients who are having cataract surgery on both eyes. Besides the convenience, eliminating post-op drops can save the patient between $100 to $300.


Drop-less Cataract Surgery Works

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In Drop-less Cataract Surgery, a medicine (a combination of steroid and an antibiotic) is placed in the eye at the time of surgery. The medication is absorbed by the eye over the next few weeks, providing patients the benefit of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicines without needing to repeatedly use them in the form of eye drops.


Drop-less Cataract Surgery is Safe

The Drop-less Cataract Surgery method is very safe, and some eye surgeons consider it safer than other options. The procedure seems to reduce the risk of infection and retinal swelling comparable to using eye drops. Drop-less Cataract Surgery also reduces chance of side effects from the eye drops.


You Could Be a Candidate for Drop-less Cataract Surgery

Drop-less cataract surgery is an option for most patients that need surgery. There are certain criteria that should be met that determines candidacy. Whether or not a patient is within those parameters is determined at the time of the cataract evaluation, by additional ancillary testing (macular OCT, iTrace, and the dilated eye examination).


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