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By Devon Green

Photography by Emily Brashier at Q Clothier

Kevin Samuels does NOT want to dress you like the cover of GQ, Esquire and Cosmopolitan. He doesn’t want you to look like that one percent of the country that is a) “that” size, and b) doesn’t have to actually move around in that outfit. He wants to dress you so the you, on the inside, matches the you on the outside. It’s as simple as that.


His love for his work shines through in every aspect. One of his first observations was, “This isn’t just about changing clothes, it’s about changing lives.”

Samuels is a dynamo. He’s all over the place: the internet, doing one-on-one consultations, speaking to groups, giving back to the community, and looking good doing it.

He’s busy spreading the love he’s found helping others undergo a transformation that lets the “real you” shine. He’s found his passion, and loves to let others in on his secret, which really is no secret at all: dress the way that suits you. Don’t listen to the “experts” on “this season’s hotness,” find what works for you and presents your best self to the world. Do that, and according to him, that’s where the magic happens.

When it comes to branding—which covers a lot of ground—you could say that Samuels excels at teaching you how to brand yourself. And he’s got the credentials, and the sense of style to back it up.

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“I realized, that I have always had an innate sense of style…I looked at the marketplace. ‘Where is the biggest gap in the industry?’ Well, there’s two things: one was what the industry considers to be ‘normal,’ and it’s short term so it’s all trends, and so they’re telling you how to dress for the season. And that’s not how the normal person lives.”

His aim was to fill that gap, and a few moments on his YouTube channel will show you just how committed he is to giving you the knowledge you need to look and feel your best. There are features such as “When is pantyhose or a tie appropriate?” and that question that plagues many, “How to tie a bow-tie.”

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Along with his emphasis on education, another standout difference with Samuels is there is absolutely no reliance on the idea that you have to spend a ton of money to look a certain way, or that you have to shop any specific place.

“I represent no brands, I have no dog in any fight, I style from the street to the boardroom. I see the whole picture. My job says ‘I don’t care where you buy your product, I’m giving you this information so you can then go find what works for you.’”

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He does emphasize that style is nothing you have to leave town for. Samuels, while he works with any retailer that fits the client, is all about keeping your fashion dollars in our pretty city, and keeping wonderful local businesses thriving. And keeping those who see you asking “how can I look like that?” which gives local retailers wonderful word-of-mouth advertisement.


But the really simple answer? Give Mr. Samuels a buzz. With his savvy advice and infectious enthusiasm, you’ll be putting your best foot (and self) forward.


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