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By Heide Brandes | Photos by Emily Brashier

Jimmy Rupp of Oklahoma City worked in higher education, but he always knew his life would somehow bring him to the real estate or interior design fields.

“My mother had owned antique stores and inspired the love and desire in me to do something similar,” Rupp said. “Once I knew a store and interior design business was exactly what was calling me, I decided to pursue it.”

Rupp, owner and lead interior designer of Interior Gilt, did just that. Interior Gilt is a furniture and home accessories store that offers a full-range of design services. It specializes in custom orders, and the designers love to create unique pieces to turn houses into homes.

Located at 519 NW 23rd St #105 in Oklahoma City’s hot Uptown 23rd area, Interior Gilt offers bold, one-of-a-kind items that set a home apart from any other home around. Now, the business is taking that same sense of style and eclectic uniqueness to a second location in Edmond.

Gilted Edges

“We take inspiration from our travels to bring a different perspective than what most people are used to seeing in Oklahoma,” Rupp said. “We try to embrace the architecture of our projects and our collaboration between our designers as the initial building blocks of any design, but more than anything, we let our clients’ requests guide our vision for their home.”

In addition to interior design, Rupp said he focuses on giving customers the experience that is lacking in today’s furniture and design business.

“Customer service is something I hear people say is missing from businesses today and I certainly agree,” Rupp said. “So we are big fans of supporting local businesses because we generally have a better approach to customer service. We love our patrons and hope they will feel like family with our team at Interior Gilt.”

Interior Gilt opened in 2013 but the storefront opened in 2015. The store’s goal is to help create a space that ignites and invites. The Oklahoma City location offers interior design consultations, home staging services and a full spectrum of design services for homes, offices and retail spaces. In-house designers will work with customers to achieve any style or atmosphere they can envision.

“The first tip to create a signature style would be to embrace the parts of your home you fell in love with originally—it will only make you love it more,” said Rupp.

“The second is to listen to your inner voice when it comes to colors, themes, accessories, etc. You have to live in your home, no one else, so let your passions show in your space. The third would be, don’t be afraid to hire an interior designer to help you coordinate the prior two into something cohesive for you. They can help you blend it all with even more tips depending on your priorities.”

Design On The Move

Design is at the heart of everything Interior Gilt does. Lovers of clean lines, antique aficionados, eclectic style enthusiasts and all those in need of a well-designed space can find perfect pieces at the store.

In fact, Interior Gilt has had such success that it is opening a new location in Edmond.

“Many of our interior design clients were from the Edmond area, so we realized the need for a location, but had to be very considerate of how and where we made the move,” Rupp said. “Once the opportunity presented itself to open at 1633 W. 33rd St., it felt like it was meant to be. Now we just hope to bring something special to the Edmond community and make them proud to have us.”

Rupp said Edmond residents can expect to find a fantastic mix of furnishing and decor that are inspired by styles that span decades and locations around the world.

“You will also meet a smiling staff eager to assist you in finding just the right things for your home,” he said.

Interior Gilt also does professional home staging, making homes stand out with thoughtful, design-oriented home staging services.

“Our designers emphasize the features of your home with fine furnishings and carefully selected décor,” Rupp said. “We’ll handle every aspect of the staging process so you don’t have to.”

How to find them

Interior Gilt | 519 NW 23rd St #105, OKC 1633 W 33rd St, Edmond | 405-608-1923


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