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Drake Scifers: natural born leader

In the middle of Jefferson Park and Edgemere Park—in the heart of Oklahoma City—lies a small apartment, perfect for sexy Oklahoma City bachelor and entrepreneur, Drake Scifers. Whether it is Ubering to downtown or Midtown for happening events or walking to cool new restaurants on 23rd Street this apartment perfectly fits his active lifestyle. When Drake Scifers recently went on an arduous weight-loss journey, his body was not his only focus of paring down.

While losing 47 pounds, Drake knew his closet was in for a transformation and conducted a closet cleanse to coincide with his weight loss. Items surviving the cleanse are his scarves; his favorite being the one his sister knit for him. It turned out to be a perfect gift for Drake. “I love scarves because in the cold, Oklahoma wind and while in a calorie deficit, I’m cold all the time, and they keep me so warm,” he said.

Living in his apartment for nearly two years, Drake says he loves the area and wanted to live in a small place that was nice. “I was in real estate development and built some houses. It was then I realized any living space is just wood, drywall and paint and can all be customized to get what I want,” Drake recently said. Looking through Craig’s List, he found just what he wanted—a diamond in the rough.

To lose weight, Drake used intermittent fasting which is not a diet, rather a pattern of eating. “It doesn’t change what you eat, it changes when you eat, Drake explained. “Most days I don’t eat until between 2 and 8 p.m. That’s two meals a day so I can divide my calories by two. I get to have nice big meals that I can eat anything I want within reason. Cookies, beer, a martini…I can do all that. It’s about portion control. For example, eating 1,800 calories divided into three 600 calorie meals or by dividing the calories into two meals, that’s 900 calories each which is significantly better,” Drake explained. “A light lunch at 2:00 at 600 calories means I get to have a big 1,200 calorie meal at night or a 900 calorie meal and some drinks. It’s all a math thing.”

Busy with his new company, an Internet service provider focusing on rural communities, Drake said the Internet is something we take for granted in the city, “We just expect it to work everywhere but in smaller rural communities, that’s not the case.” Along with his business partner, Dane Gasio, who has been in the telecom business for 16 years, and another investor, Weatherford, Oklahoma was selected as their first community. “It’s a nice town with about 12,000 people and a college. There are quite a few homes, that were nicer and newer, with no Internet option or really slow (dial-up speed) Internet. We saw this as a need and made the decision to go fix it.”

A graduate of Oklahoma Christian College, Drake reads an average of two or three non-fiction books a month. “I like books on business, theology and biographies and love learning through other people’s eyes,” Drake said. Timothy Keller is Drake’s favorite religious author who he describes as a modern day C.S. Lewis. “I love that he brings an intellectual spark back into Christianity that has been lacking for the last 40 years.”

Ron Chernow is another favorite of Drake’s who has written some “amazing biographies on John D. Rockefeller, Alexander Hamilton and a really good one on J.P. Morgan, the banker, called ‘House of Morgan.’” Drake also likes books on negotiation, which he describes as communication—putting yourself in the mindset of other people and understanding what they really want. “It’s interesting when you talk to someone and listen to what that person presents normally, but there’s usually an emotion or underlying feeling behind that.”

Personality profiles are another favorite of Drake’s, especially the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator designed to indicate psychological preferences in how people perceive the world around them and make decisions. Based on the theory proposed by Carl Jung, there are four principal psychological functions by which humans experience the world—sensation, intuition, feeling and thinking and that one of these functions is dominant for a person most of the time

It’s not surprising that Drake’s personality type is ENTJ (extraversion, intuitive, thinking, judgment), a natural-born leader with the gifts of charisma and confidence. Only three percent of the population have the ENTJ personality type which is projecting authority in a way that draws crowds together behind a common goal. People with the ENTJ personality are usually entrepreneurs, and their ability to think strategically makes them powerful business leaders, as is the case of Drake.

“It’s hard for me to shut my mind off. I always try to think ahead because unless do, I don’t know necessarily what’s going on and I have to pay attention really well. Body language is a big thing for me. I’m not naturally in touch with emotions and part of my personality type is not wanting to have any weaknesses. If one of my weaknesses is not being in tune with my emotions, I’m going to try really hard to do that,” said Drake.

In his spare time, Drake loves to cook and especially likes using his wok. Fueling his recent Asian kick, Drake likes exploring Asian supermarkets for ideas and new ingredients. “It’s something I find fun and relaxing and although I can’t read all the labels, I wonder what I can do with certain ingredients,” he laughed.

Whatever recipes Drake formulates with those ingredients, he is sure to stay within the principles of intermittent fasting, his new way of living.


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