Q&A – CK & Co.’s Jane Webb


By Christina Clagg Reyes | Photography by Emily Brashier


Spring has sprung in Oklahoma! Now that you’ve kicked off the fur-lined boots and shucked the heavy coats, you might be wondering what to wear and where to get it?

Luckily, we were able to catch up with Jane Webb, owner of CK & Co. high-end fashion boutique in Nichols Hills Plaza, to get the scoop (or maybe a double scoop!) on how to leap fashionably into the next season.

SPLURGE!: First of all, what exactly makes high-end fashion, high-end?

CK & Co.: High-end fashion is a step above the normal fashions you can get in department stores. Sometimes it’s a fabric and sometimes it’s a trend and sometimes it’s a price point. High-end fashion comes from reputable design houses creating what’s next.


S!: How did you get your start in the fashion business, and why do you love it so much?

CK & Co.: I have an advertising and marketing degree and a love of fashion. Hard work and passion makes for a long career. I love working with people and the ever-changing fashions keep me motivated.


S!: The shop-in-shop concept is relatively new to OKC, thanks to you. Briefly describe the concept, and tell us the kinds of reactions you are seeing from your customers.

CK & Co.: Our customers love being surrounded by their favorite lines. The shop-in-shop gives a larger selection that you would find in most boutiques. Mannequins dressed in the latest trends give the customer an instant education. In each “shop-in-shop” the brand can be merchandised cohesively to give the customer an “original look.”

S!: What do you see trending for spring fashion?

CK & Co.: Spring 2017 trends feature:

The shoulder (cold shoulder and off the shoulder)

The sneaker dress (sportswear dress with fashion sneakers)

Studs, lace, ruffles and crochet

Return of the high waist on pants and denim

Candy Land colors (blues and yellows, red infused with orange, and greens)


S!: Please highlight a few of your favorite designers (that you carry) and tell us what you like about each?

CK & Co.:

Lafayette 148 features luxury fabrics beyond the price you pay, and it appeals to all ages and sizes.

Theory and Vince are on top of trends but easy to wear in our part of the country.

Helmut Lang and L’Agence highlight dressing with an edge…and who doesn’t love Tory Burch shoes and bags!


S!: How do you prepare for each season? What makes “the cut” and what doesn’t?

CK & Co.:  History repeats itself and it’s necessary to understand the history of fashion. We have a style that fits our concept, and I try to stay true to that. That enables me to focus on what makes the cut and what doesn’t.


S!:  Do you have other stores in the area?

CK & Co.:  NO! I like focusing and giving my energy to this store of 34 years.


S!: What is the biggest fashion faux pas you see in women?

CK & Co.: Thinking spa wear can be worn everywhere/everyday!!


S!:  What can women expect whenever they walk into CK & Co.?

CK & Co.:  You will find a friendly, knowledgeable staff. It’s a team concept that provides personal service to make your visit not only productive but fun. You can find anything from a single item to a complete wardrobe.


S!: As a business owner, how do you measure customer satisfaction?

CK & Co.:  When they return to the store and tell you what a great time they had at their event or how many compliments they received. It’s great knowing they loved their selections and felt and looked fabulous. We hear so often how much fun they had shopping and can’t wait to come back.


S!: Who are your customers?

CK & Co.:  Anyone who desires to look their best and enjoys quality and high fashion is a customer we aim to reach. We cater to all ages.


S!: How has CK & Co. been involved in the local community?

CK & Co.:  We are constantly giving back to the community through donations, fashion shows and special events. We believe in keeping it local, therefore we direct our efforts to local not-for-profit organizations. You can feel good that when you shop at CK & Co. that a percentage of your money spent will go to a good cause.


S!:  Name one thing customers might be surprised to learn about you or CK & Co.

CK & Co.: When I moved to Oklahoma as a scholarship tennis player for OU, I never knew I would stay and make it my home and raise my family. My daughter has inherited my genes as she is now living in NYC and working in the fashion business. I never tire of opening new boxes and waiting to see what’s new and exciting to share with my customers.


S!: What products do you carry in addition to clothing?

CK & Co.: We carry the total look from shoes, bags, jewelry and accessories to gifts.


S!: Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?

CK & Co.: We are a family at CK and our customers become our extended family.


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