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By Devon Green

There is much to do about facial hair in November. For some, it’s “Movember,” a movement started to raise money for men’s cancers. By taking part in Movember, men agree not to shave their mustache for for the entire month in exchange for pledge money. Rumor has it started in Australia and quickly spread all over the world. And mustaches are super cool.

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And then there’s “No Shave November,” a variation on the theme, but with beards, beards and more beards. Take into account that it’s starting to get chilly on those rosy cheeks, and you’re looking at a new grooming regimen.

For those of you who don’t cultivate facial hair, it takes more work than you would imagine. That’s where professionals come in. Luckily, Chuck Naifeh, barber at Carwin’s Shave Shop has some pretty good ideas and some serious experience under his belt to help you out.

For Naifeh, a haircut is far more than a “little off the top.” It’s a whole process. He’s also passionate about undoing all the habits that men have picked up over their years of grooming.

“Most men that come in, they learned to shave from their dad, who in turn learned to shave from their dad, and honestly, they’ve picked up some seriously bad habits that are hard on their skin,” Naifeh says.

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After training for four years in Denver, he honed his basic skills and discovered his passion in early twentieth century styles and techniques. And not only is he serious about the look, he’s incredibly knowledgeable about the tools of the trade and after care. Not only does he want you to achieve the look you want, he wants to help you maintain it and take good care of your skin in the process. So for those of you who want to go without shaving for a month, or even the season, the guys at Carwin’s can help you maintain your beard health and keep you from that unkempt look that so many men fall into.

Naifeh is quick to point out that one of the biggest mistakes that modern men make when they take to pruning their own facial hair is the cursed convenience of the triple-blade razor. You can almost hear the shudder in Naifeh’s voice when he talks about them. Yes, they’re convenient, but they can wreak havoc on the delicate skin, especially the neck and cheeks.

Men who come in to Carwin’s don’t just walk away with the look they envisioned, but also the knowledge and products to keep it looking good and healthy—both hair and the

delicate skin underneath.

“One of the major things you can do for your skin is go back to the traditional double-edge razor,” he says. “They provide such a closer, better shave, and your skin will thank you.”

And a clean-shaven look is not the only look that requires that razor. Beards need maintenance, too—something Carwin’s stresses. Naifeh is eager to help clients get on a regular schedule that they can live with, and that will keep them looking their best.

Carwin is proud to carry a variety of products, including choices derived locally, regionally and beyond. In fact, they even carry products used by the royal family. For a list of products and services, you can visit their website at carwinsshaveshop.com. And for an even better experience, stop in and have the knowledgeable staff help you find just what you need to be the “Dapper Dan” you want to see in the mirror.


How to get involved:

Be sure to check out carwinsshaveshop.com or visit them on Facebook for special events during the month of November. Also, if you are interested in getting involved in men’s cancer awareness causes for Movember/No Shave November, here are two other sites to help you get started:


Movember US Official Site: https://goo.gl/lN4ymr

No Shave November US Site: https://goo.gl/ME8DQf


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