The New Mode in Shopping:


Personal and Aexy

By Roxanne Avery

The perfectly dressed male cast of “Mad Men” not only wear complementary ties, shirts and suit combinations but also accessories pulling looks together such as cufflinks, pocket squares and waistcoats. How do they look so hip and stylish?

“They know who their inner selves are,” says image consultant Kevin Samuels. “And that’s the key for men today in this new mode of shopping.”

Hey all you OKC guys: You can now leave mall and national chain store shopping behind and go to the hottest man cave in town. Come out with a kick-ass outfit specifically designed for your personality, and never again worry about what to wear because someone knows exactly what you want. Can you dig that?

“Before you start hyperventilating because this sounds expensive, you need to know money is actually saved by shopping this way,” said Kevin. A typical man’s wardrobe can be cut down by as much as 70 percent because of all the waste. What’s left are clothes that fit and ultimately represent who the guy is on the inside and out. “This one-stop shop gives guys a place to go to find out exactly what their inner and outer fashion is and always has been, and have a wardrobe specifically designed for them.” That place lies in the heart of Automobile Alley and is one of Oklahoma City’s best-kept secrets.

By combining a vintage two-million-dollar sports car collection including a Lamborghini and Aston Martin, along with Frank Sinatra music playing in the background, men can relax with a complimentary water, wine or cocktail. “At Hans Herman, a guy can come in and it’s all guy,” said Kevin. And the conversations are simply relaxed as guys hang out on sofas and the inner-self is discovered. From there, fabric swatches are played with and books are looked through all with absolutely no pressure. It doesn’t get more masculine than that.

This new solution to shopping is changing the way guys think and takes anxiety away whether purchasing casual wardrobe pieces, professional pieces for work or an outfit for a special event. “With the existing situation in retail where everyone looks the same in certain regions of the country, chain stores are controlled by buyers who fill racks with whatever they think will be in style. Individuality becomes a very big issue,” Kevin said. “When you remove that from the equation, you can get freaking cool pieces specifically for you.”

With chain stores carrying hundreds of items, styles and sizes, medium doesn’t necessarily mean medium. “All this confuses the average consumer to the point where they just throw their hands up in frustration and say, ‘I’m wearing my jeans, t-shirt, ball cap and tennis shoes.’”

Take all the guesswork, mystery and anxiety out of shopping. Follow Kevin on social media to keep up with the latest.








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