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Paul D. Rothwell

One of the most exciting trends in health care is the intersection between personalized medicine and integrative or functional medicine. Surveys continue to show that a growing number of patients are seeking personalized care rather than impersonal, “cookie cutter” health care. Increasing patient volumes on a decreasing provider base, coupled with declining insurance reimbursement rates have led to less time with the doctor and longer wait times. Physician burnout is at an all-time high. If fact, most doctors have stated that they would retire now rather than later if they had the financial means. Hardly the recipe for a healthy doctor-patient relationship!

Well, good news is here. The convergence of personalized/ functional medicine represents an opportunity to tailor treatments, diets and lifestyle choices to the uniqueness of the person supporting a path toward wellness. This does not represent a passing popular trend but rather a huge paradigm shift. For the first time, science, technology and personalized care are beginning to converge in practical ways to address the many challenges and failures of the current health care system.

An example of integrative/functional care is the use of selected IV or intravenous therapies. While not a part of conventional Western medicine, these therapies have been used for several decades in Europe and many first world countries. These therapies include the use of intravenous vitamin C and Glutathione, as well as Myer’s Cocktail, which is proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals. While not regulated by the F.D.A., these therapies have stood the test of time and have been a helpful adjunct in many disorders. For more information on IV therapies go to

Integrative or functional medicine is defined as the intelligent combination of traditional Western medicine and natural or so-called “complementary or alternative” medicine. In fact, this combination gives the doctor a larger “tool box” and is proactive rather than simply reactive. Doctors who practice functional medicine have obtained advanced certification beyond medical school and residency and continue to investigate and practice cutting edge medicine. They are excited about the future of medicine in our country and look forward to sharing their knowledge and expertise with their patients. They have found that positive results speak for themselves, and a happy patient makes a happy doctor!

Fellow of American Academy of Family Physicians and American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine


Paul D. Rothwell, M.D. is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Practice.  He has been dual board certified in both Family Medicine and Functional and Regenerative Medicine. He is also a Fellow of the American Academy of Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine, the world’s largest and most respected organization supporting Integrative Medicine. He is one of only a handful of medical doctors in the central Oklahoma region who is board certified in this specialty. Dr. Rothwell is also a Clinical Associate Profes-sor at the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine. He is an active outdoorsman and enjoys hiking, snow skiing and mountain climbing. Most of all, he enjoys spending time with family and his eight grandchildren. Professionally, Dr. Rothwell remains on the cutting edge of medical technology and innovations. He enjoys the challenge of look-ing for the cause of disease and potentially correcting the cause with lifestyle changes and natural remedies. He has been a national speaker on topics related to Functional Medicine and remains available to speak at local meetings and functions. His topics are entertaining, informative and challenging.


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