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Right from the start, Ron Nerad, CEO of Vitality, knew he wanted his company to be about more than aesthetics. After spending eight years selling Botox cosmetics and seeing how things were done in over 200 medical practice across the Oklahoma City area, Nerad gained a panoramic view of the good, the bad, and the ugly.


“I recognized the things that were being done well and the things that were being done really horribly, and most of it was being done at the patient level,” he says.

Over the past two years, Vitality has evolved to become more of what Nerad first envisioned: a lifestyle healthcare company that specializes in wellness and aesthetics.

“My idea was to create a practice that was based off the aesthetics, but also off of preventive and wellness; that treating the body from the outside and the inside is the complementariness of the full-wellness package,” says Nerad.

Vitality recently joined forces with Virginia L. Vaughn, M.D., board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and a Diplomat of the American Board of Obesity Medicine, in what Nerad calls, “a really good partnership around the value system of how we wanted to treat patients.”

Dr. Vaughn specializes in hormone replacement therapy like BioTE pelleting, offered at Vitality for both men and women. BioTE pelleting is a time-released technique that works to restore the body’s normal hormone levels.


According to Dr. Vaughn, gynecologists are not trained to look at hormone levels, but symptoms. “I was really shocked when I started looking at some of my own levels; it was like I wasn’t taking anything at all,” say Vaughn.

Also an expert in physician-assisted weight loss programs, Dr. Vaughn introduced the KE Diet to Vitality.

“It’s a ten-day technique that jump-starts people into ketosis,” she says.

Consisting of a pediatric feeding tube administration of protein and fats, and zero carbs, the KE Diet allows you to drop five to six percent of your body weight in ten days.

“It works quite well and is very safe because of the other additives that are in the solutions. It’s meant to jumpstart you into low-carb eating for life. In order to not only lose weight, but to be healthier.”

Vaughn says some people use the KE Diet to lead up to bariatric surgery, since it helps to shrink the liver and make the surgery safer.

“We really want to get loud out about the KE Diet for people who need this kind of program. They’ve done everything possible that they can think of and they just don’t know what to do,” she says.

If this sounds a little radical, you can rest assured Dr. Vaughn stands behind the safety of the procedure and even tried it herself, dropping 13 pounds in ten days.

Vaughn also assures her patients that she is there for them. “I call them every single day,” says Vaughn. “I tell patients, ‘that’s what I’m there for. I’m in your back pocket. Don’t be afraid to call me.’”

Another product that Nerad and Vaughn are excited about is Active Cell Therapy or ACT, a sort of “super serum,” produced in office from a patient’s blood and combined with activated growth factors. According to Nerad, ACT is a way to use “you to heal you,” and is often used to treat anyone from homemakers to professional athletes.

“We use it for orthopedic injections into soft tissue, for tears strains pulls, joint spaces,” says Nerad. “the growth factors are activated so when we put it back in the injured area, they immediately start the healing cascade. It’s unbelievable.”

But perhaps the real beauty of ACT, according to Nerad, is that it can be used with almost all of the Vitality procedures, and in a sense, “doubles as the beauty piece,” he says.

“If we can get the activation process started [then]we can restore collagen,” says Nerad. “It’s [also]an amazing product for hair restoration. It provides more vasculature to the hair follicle, to the skin and the collagen in the face. So again, we are using you to heal you.”


Time Machine, another revolutionary product offered at Vitality, is non-surgical procedure that virtually rolls back the years of aging. It’s also a method that is tried and true, according to Nerad. He should know. He recently underwent the procedure himself, and just to prove Time Machine’s safety and effectiveness, he had no qualms about uploading post-procedure photos to Vitality’s Facebook page.

“[My] premise as the owner of Vitality is this: I want to feel what my clients and patients who walk into Vitality feel; I want to understand the process; and does it hurt? Does it not hurt? Does it produce results? I wanted to be able to show people that this is a place that I stand behind what we do.”

Nerad also expresses the importance of giving back to the local community, assuring Vitality has some exciting partnerships in the works.

“One of the integral things for us is our interaction within our community. We’re going to create a nonprofit foundation for women who have suffered abuse or are in rehabilitation programs and offer free aesthetics and wellness, and really pamper these ladies. It’s a big goal for me in 2015.”

Whether helping women in the community get back on their feet, or designing wellness and beauty programs for patients and clientele, Vitality finds true value in doing the one thing that has mattered to Nerad from the start: treating people beautifully.


Photography by Emily Brashier


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  1. I absolutely love this place! The staff is amazing and office is beautiful. They always go out of their way to make sure my wife and I always know the “why” before we have a treatment. I highly recommend a visit.

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